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Since 1996, we've been offering exciting, hands-on marine education experiences for people of all ages. Our Marine Education Programmes, Open Sundays and Snorkelling Adventure Programmes engage and enthrall people of all ages from pre-school children to grandparents.


Over the last 26 years, we've been doing our very best to instill a sense of wonder in all visitors to our Centre. We try to encourage a desire to learn more about our marine environment and how to care for it. And the sooner the better.  Our motto is that you're never too young to start. Very young children are like little sponges and soak up massive amounts of information. They're our "citizens of the future" and they'll soon be the ones that are responsible for our seas and our marine life. So we try hard to set them on the right track

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A visit to our Island Bay Marine Education Centre is an excellent way to launch students on their path of discovery. Experienced educators will lead your class group through a series of hands-on activities that will open their eyes and minds. They'll be able to explore the rocky shore environment with a Marine Biologist and have close up encounters with the marine life living at the Bait House Aquarium.

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We think learning is a life-long activity and there's always something new to see and learn at our Centre. We offer a range of special activities and programmes for adults of all mobilities and abilities from a variety of social, service, special needs and volunteer organisations.

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This exciting programme offers school children an introductory snorkelling exploration of local marine life within the Taputeranga Marine Reserve.

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