Dr Victor Anderlini
Dr Anderlini was born in San Francisco, California and was a marine research scientist for over 25 years.  He designed and directed multi-disciplined, marine research projects in California, Mexico, Antarctica, Africa, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia before coming to New Zealand in 1985 to complete his doctoral degree at Victoria University of Wellington.  During this period he was also a consultant Marine Pollution Ecologist and Marine Environmental Specialist for the IUCN/WWF and UNEP in the Sultanate of Oman, and for the Asian Development Bank in the Philippines, Indonesia and China. 

From 1985 through 1996, Victor directed and carried out numerous environmental impact assessment studies in New Zealand and assisted a Maori hapu from the Wellington West Coast explore the harvesting and aquaculture potential of surf clam resources in their area.  In 1996, he and Judy Hutt established the Island Bay Marine Education Centre and for the past 16 years have been providing marine education programmes to pre-school and school age children, and adults of all ages.  In 1999, Victor and Judy founded the Wellington Marine Conservation Trust with Bill and Karen Day.

Judy Hutt
Judy Hutt was born in Lower Hutt and attended Victoria University of Wellington before moving to Sydney where she pursued a career in the legal profession and as joint owner of a highly successful manufacturing business.  She returned to New Zealand in 1989 and was employed in the legal department of Te Puni Kokiri.

Judy joined Dr Anderlini in 1995 as Research Assistant on the Surf Clam Aquaculture project and was responsible for the establishment and operation of an algal-culture laboratory, an aquaculture training programme, and a very successful seahorse breeding/rearing project at the Island Bay Marine Education Centre.   As Director of the IBMEC, she is jointly responsible for administering and delivering the Centre’s marine environmental education programmes.  She is also the Secretary and Treasurer of the Trust.

Bill Day
Bill Day is the owner and Managing Director of Seaworks Ltd, a specialised maritime company with a head office in Wellington and a branch in Dubai.

Seaworks offers support to the Oil & Gas industry, submarine cable laying, underwater robotics and even supplies the marine aspects of the movie industry.  Bill started this as a small diving company in Wellington twenty- years ago and built it into an international organisation that uses innovative technology with outrageous Kiwi flair.

Bill did law at university along with a BA and MBA.  He is vice chairman of the New Zealand Business Roundtable and is a keen diver, pilot and skier.

Karen Day
Karen Day lives in Owhiro Bay on the South Coast of Wellington and is co-owner of Seaworks.  She is the mother of two grown sons and is actively involved with environmental programmes.  She is a volunteer at the Island Bay Marine Education Centre and the Karori Wildlife Sanctuary (Zealandia). 

For many years Karen taught diving to a large number of Wellingtonians.  She still loves to dive in Cook Strait.  Karen’s long interest in conservation and the environment prompted her to complete a Bachelor of Science majoring in ecology.  Karen has a variety of conservation interests and is a keen snow skier.

Alan Jenkins
Alan owns and operates a specialty antiques import/export business in Miramar.  He's a long time resident of Breaker Bay and was convenor of the Wellington Clean Water Campaign.   He is a stong advocate for the Wellington South Coast environment, in particular, its marine ecosystems.   Alan holds a number of community positions, as well as being a musician, diver, photographer and respected Wellington historian. 

His ambition is to see a marine educational facility established on the South Coast so everyone has the opportunity to personally experience the magic and  wonder of this area and in so doing feel moved to protect it.