Shark Whisperer Coming to Wellington

Ocean Ramsey, Hawaiian-born shark expert and conservationist, is arriving in New Zealand on February 8 on a two-week mission to drum up support for sharks. She will work alongside local shark expert Riley Elliott in his research on blue sharks and the two are collaborating on a book due for release in the second half of 2014.

Ramsey gained notoriety last year when she posted a YouTube clip on Valentine's Day that showed her freediving alongside a large great white shark, holding its dorsal fin and allowing herself to be towed into the deep while gently stroking its flank. The video has quickly surpassed more than two million YouTube views.

Ramsey has been studying shark behaviour for two decades. While she doesn't advise others to mimic her behaviour, she wants to show the world a gentler, more beautiful side of this misunderstood creature of the sea.

When Ramsey was seven years old her father took his daughter out to his favourite dive spot on Oahu, and she has been freediving and interacting with sharks ever since. When she is not teaching students to appreciate the open waters through diving,

Ramsey spends most of her time travelling around the world helping various shark research groups. She raises money for conservation efforts and dedicates her life to educating people about the issues facing our seas.

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