June Feature Creature

Our feature creature this month is the Pygmy Octopus (Octopus huttoni).   They're called "pygmy" because they only grow to about 6cm. 

We have two of these extremely interesting small octopuses.  The first, a tiny female, was brought to us by a local diver who found her in a bottle while diving.  

We saw our second Pygmy Octopus wander up our seawater intake pipe while we were working on our seawater pumps.  He apparently decided to see what was up the pipe and to have a look around inside our Bait House Aquarium.

If you visit our Aquarium on one of our Open Sundays during June, ask our awesome volunteers to show you these very cool little visitors before we return them to the Taputeranga Marine Reserve.

To learn more about Octopuses and Squid please click read more.