Gateway to the South Coast

The Journey Begins:
Your journey of discovery begins when you approach the OEC-"Gateway to the Wellington South Coast".  Outside we have a series of exhibits that explore how the health of our streams and rivers affects the quality of our harbours and coastal waters.

“Coastal Streams” is an outdoor exhibit alongside the café which highlights some of our most interesting freshwater species such as eels and whitebait.

This habitat exhibit leads you on your journey through our “Marshlands” habitat – exploring the rich environment where the sea and fresh water mix.

Next to the “Rockpool Cafe” is a place where visitors can meet their friends and family, decide what to do next, and even have a picnic! 

There’ll also be an exciting “Wave Crash” exhibit outside our "Rocky Shore" exhibit space that’ll be home to animals and plants that can live where the  full power of the sea meets the land.

All of these outdoor exhibits and open spaces will be accessible to visitors from the Cafe area. 

We’ll also offer guided walking, cycling, snorkelling, kayaking and diving programmes to encourage people to explore and enjoy all the South Coast. Your journey down to the Deep continues once you enter the Centre.