Discovery Programmes for Everyone

Discovery Programmes for Everyone:

"Guided Walking Tours"
We offer a range of guided walking trips for all interests and ages.  These tours are available for groups of 12 or more to areas of special interest such as the Red Rocks Reserve, Wellington Harbour, Breaker Bay, Baring Head and other sites along the Wellington South Coast.  We can tailor a field trip especially to meet your particular group’s interests.  All these tours provide a valuable learning experience that enhances a visit to our Bait House Aquarium.

"South Coast Geology"
The Wellington South Coast is a geologist's dream. The impacts of massive tectonic forces is evident everywhere you go. Our geology walking tours are conducted by trained and experienced guides who can help you make sense of the processes that have formed this part of the planet. You'll get an in-depth and understandable explanations of why this part of New Zealand is like it is and a broad overview of the forces that have shaped the wider region.

"Nurturing Nature"
This science focused guided walk looks at the relationships that exist between the different plants and animals that live along the Wellington's southern coastline. There's a huge variety of animals from limpets and chitons to skinks and geckos, and from seabirds to seals.   There's something to interest everyone. There are also just as many different types of plants, some of which are now very rare, clinging precariously to life on the exposed coastline.

To arrange a walking trip for your group or for more information please contact

“Discovery Holiday Programme“
The IBMEC facilities and activities are available for all holiday programmes as an activity to include in their timetable.  A variety of fun and exciting activities will keep all kids entertained and challenged during their visit.

"Open Sundays"
Our aquarium is open to the public every Sunday from 10am-3.00 pm. Entry is $2 for children and $5 for adults.
Click here for more information about our Open Sunday programmes.

We are constantly adding to our variety of Ocean Discovery Programmes. To learn about new programmes click here to join the Octopus Club.  As a member, you'll receive a quarterly newsletter letting you know what's going on in the aquarium and advance notice of any special events or offers.