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Despite its size, Stygiomedusa is rarely caught on camera. In the 27 years that MBARI's ROVs have been patrolling the deep-sea, they've observed the strange animal just seven times.

"It's one of the largest invertebrate predators known in the ocean," says the team. "Yet little is...Read more

The mantis shrimp uses its formidable weapon to break the shells of its prey but, until recently, it was unclear how its club could receive such a severe, repetitive pounding without suffering too much damage. The club, in fact, handles as many as fifty thousands strikes during its lifespan. So...Read more

Coral is the backbone of the whole tropical ecosystem and if it disappears, we’re in a lot of trouble. Ken Nedimyer plants coral in an offshore nursery near the Florida Keys and reintroduces it to the reefs.Read more

Manta and mobula rays span the tropics of the world and are among the most captivating and charismatic of marine species. However, their survival is severely threatened by growing fisheries pressure driven by demand for the gill rakers that the animals use to filter feed.

The group of...Read more

Where do squid, jellyfish and other sea creatures begin life? The story of a sea urchin reveals a stunningly beautiful saga of fertilization, development and growth in the ocean depths.Read more

Monterey Bay Aquarium pioneered the captive care and breeding of jellyfish for display and education.  They have provided millions of visitiors an opportunity to get up close to these beautiful creatures. 

Get an up-close look at the delicate sea nettles in the...Read more

The creature was spotted more than 4,000 feet under water off the Angola coast by a BP energy team. The team had been using a remotely operated deep-sea vehicle (ROV) for oil well maintenance, according to the journal New Scientist.

The species nicknamed "flying spaghetti monster," was...Read more

PT Hirschfield and some friends were diving near the Blairgowrie Pier in Port Phillip Bay, Victoria, in Australia when they encountered a most...Read more