Discovery Programmes for Schools

Discovery Programmes for Schools:
Guided Field Trips
School groups can extend their day out at the Marine Education Centre by adding a guided field trip to their visit.  Morning and afternoon sessions are available for school groups to visit interesting  sites relevant to what's being studied back in the classroom. All our field trips cover information relevant to several fields of study including science, geography, and social sciences, and all incorporate cross-curricular integration.

Snorkelling Adventures
This exciting programme offers school children an introductory snorkelling exploration of local marine life within the Taputeranga Marine Reserve and a variety of other locations around the Wellington region. All our snorkelling programmes are led by qualified instructors and are suited to students from 7 years of age and above. We provide quality 7mm wetsuits, hoods, fins and mask/snorkel sets. Our Snorkel Adventure programmes are tailored for each group with age-appropriate content that complements what students are doing and learning in the classroom.

Experiencing Marine Reserves
This nation-wide, 4 day programme introduces school children to marine life within and outside a marine reserve through a series of classroom discussions about marine bio-diversity followed by snorkel training and dive experiences. The full programme aims to raise awareness, understanding and function of marine reserves, and compares the differences between unprotected and protected marine areas in a local area within the greater Wellington region. An integral part of the programme is an action project where the class shares what they’ve learned with the wider community.

Whitebait Connection
The Whitebait Connection programme provides an opportunity for students to gain an increased understanding of the importance of fresh water environments to our estuaries and harbours. Students are encouraged to examine the health of a local stream and identify what factors may influence the life that exists there.  Water sampling, fish and invertebrate identification, and mitigation are all topics covered by our trained staff during the in-class sessions and the guided field trips. The programme concludes with students being encouraged to demonstrate their learning to a wider community.

Healthy Harbours
This programme targets intermediate to secondary school students. There appear to be few opportunities for students in this age group to engage in hands-on, marine focussed field investigations. Our Healthy Harbours programme will examine the health of Wellington Harbour.  Students will learn about what makes healthy ecosystems, how to measure them and what we can do to ensure that they remain healthy and viable. This programme compares two highly modified Wellington Harbour sites; one unchanged inner harbour site and one that has undergone natural regeneration. Students will be able to undertake real scientific research in order to fully understand the principals involved in restoring a highly impacted environment. This programme involves a snorkelling component during which students will be able to make first hand observations and draw their own conclusions about the health, or otherwise, of the sites they examine.   



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